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Psychotherapy for Worries and Stress
We offer a private, confidential, safe and affordable space with flexible times and options to talk about you, and your worries.

Our Psychotherapy Team

Heather Ayers Cluff, LCSW
Neri Singer, ACSW, Psychotherapist
Your inner world is filled with emotions, memories, thoughts, and experiences

We offer Psychotherapy and Counseling Services for…

Personal Growth



Self-Esteem & Self-Image


Loss, Grief & Separation

Work Stress

Traumatic Experiences
(in Adulthood & Childhood)

Life Stress

Major Life Transitions

Psychotherapy for Emotional Health

Heal Emotional Wounds & Get on the path you want to be on

An attentive and supportive environment for your Past, Present and Future

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Invest in Healthy Relationships

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Are you carrying stress, trauma or heartbreak from adult relationships, or from early childhood experiences? It doesn’t have to be this way, so don’t allow these past situations to hold you back. Regain your trust, confidence and emotional health.

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Support for Anxiety, Depression and Stress

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Manage stress, anxiety, and depression in your day-to-day relationships. Develop a way to balance your inner-thoughts and feelings. Develop insight to sharpen your social-emotional health and well-being.

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Heal Emotional Wounds
Heal from negative past relationship experiences & early childhood wounds. Create deeper, more meaningful connections in life. Positive healthy change is possible. Schedule a Free Consult, we may be able to help.
Restore Relational Trust
When past experiences from adulthood (or childhood) impact your current life and relationships, restoring your emotional trust and confidence is key to healing.
Anxiety Depression Stress
Develop and foster a mindset favorable toward a balance between your outer-world and inner-world.
Our Area of Focus is...

Your Past, Present and Future

We offer an attentive and supportive environment for your present life and current relationships. To offer you the best possible support in developing your potential, our approach believes in exploring your past and present experiences to help you move and overcome the heavy obstacles that may be holding you back and standing in the way of you and your future goals.

“If you know whence you came from, there are no limitations to where you can go.” (James Baldwin). It is in this spirit, that through dialogue and conversation, we explore your storied narratives, the relationships you lived through, and the relationships you survived; whether in your identity forming years of young adulthood or in relation to adverse childhood experiences that may have happened and left heartbreak and wounds in early age.

If you place value on a person-in-environment philosophy that examines relationships and the events from your past, present, and future, our therapeutic approach may be a good match for you.

Heather Ayers Cluff, LCSW
Neri Singer, ACSW, Psychotherapist
Easy Two-Step Process

I’m Ready. How do we get started?

All growth and change happens in the context of a good, positive, and healthy relationship.

Step 1:

Schedule Your First Consult for a Meet-and-Greet

Let’s meet! It’s an opportunity for us to chat and determine a goodness of fit. This appointment is for each of us to learn about one another, and determine if we are able to assist with your circumstances. The initial 15-30 minute consultation is at no charge to you.

Step 2:

Let’s create a plan

In step two, we discuss the areas in need of attention and development. In this step, we work together to prioritize your goals and available options.


About Our Practice

We are group practice that specializes in helping people turn negative, unhelpful and cluttered patterns of thinking into positive, healthy and organized internal thoughts so that feelings, relationships, and behaviors turn supportive toward a more fulfilling and complete life.

“All change happens in the context of relationships.”

Our approach to therapy takes into consideration difficult and challenging life circumstances and situations that may be rooted in your present life and present relationships; experiences associated with your identity forming years in young adulthood; and adverse childhood experiences that may have left heartbreak and wounds in early age. If you place value on a person-in-environment philosophy, our approach may be a good match for you.