Where does Anxiety and Overthinking come from?

Three (3) Origins of Anxiety and Overthinking

Anxiety is a sensation that appears in response to a stressor. It’s often described as a persistent feeling of worry and fear. Although there are many origins and factors associated with anxiety, here is a list of three sources from which anxiety grows and takes form. 

Environmental Anxiety

This refers to anxiety that is based on circumstances, and in which the sensations are associated with the environment. For example, after a car accident, you may experience fear, worry, being overwhelmed, butterflies in the stomach, overthinking and replaying of the event over and over in your head. This type of anxiety stems from something that happened outside of you, and your mind may be in shock or trying to make sense of it all. 

Relationship Anxiety

This refers to anxiety based on interpersonal relationship challenges. For example, not performing up to expectations on the job, and in which your boss may have warned you about your performance. In other instances, it may be relationship anxiety associated with your romantic relationship. Perhaps soon after an argument or a strong disagreement you may have had with your loved one. Relationship anxiety could also happen if you are anticipating or worried about a possible separation from someone or something, such as an upcoming potential break-up, whether from your partner or from your job. 

Self-Imposed Anxiety

In other instances, the reason for the anxiety may be self-imposed, such as working ourselves up through overthinking. We worry and wonder, and spin tales in our minds about every little detail, instance and ponder on the meaning behind specific micro-actions; we may question ourselves as to whether we did the right thing, or if the other person meant something more, or something different. We begin to parse words, ideas, and feelings. It’s a self-imposed spiral that makes you feel as though you are getting closer to a solution to a specific problem, but in reality, it’s slowly working its way through your pscyhe in an effort to emotionally exhaust you, without ever reaching an actual solution. 

If you are experiencing anxiety, over-thinking and are bothered by worries, we may be able to help. Making an appointment is easy, and your session is private and confidential.

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