TeleHealth Services


What is TeleHealth?

Our TeleHealth services provide convenient clinical counseling appointments from anywhere in the world. We use information and communication technologies to facilitate consultation, treatment, education, diagnostic, self-management, and care management for your health.

Whether you are traveling, out of town for the holidays, or living in a remote and distant location, we have you covered. Our TeleHealth appointments give you access to clinical counseling services from any location in the world. With an internet connection, and a smartphone or computer, you are ready for TeleHealth.

We use secure video chat so that you, and your provider connect on your own schedule, and from a location of your choice at your convenience. Whether you want to connect on your smartphone or computer, we make that happen.

We see TeleHealth services as an instrument to further facilitate access to care, and further facilitate the therapeutic alliance and relationship that you and your clinical provider have with one another. Ultimately, no matter what tool you use to connect, counseling services that promote a strong and healthy alliance between you and your clinical provider is a key feature to your wellbeing.

Who is TeleHealth for?

TeleHealth services are for anyone who needs to connect with their clinical provider, but are unable to stop by our offices for an in-person appointment. TeleHealth works best when you enter the session ready to discuss a targeted area of concern in your life, or in your relationships. If you don’t know what area of your life to focus on, speak with your clinical provider about developing a treatment plan to keep you on target.


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