Growth and change happens in the context of a good, positive, and healthy relationship.


For adults, we offer a flexible relationship-based talk therapy approach infused with Rational-Emotive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Narrative Therapy to decrease anxiety, depressive related stress, and worries. As a team, you will identify ways in which to develop a mindset and perspective favorable toward making positive healthy change.

Young Children

For young children, up to 12-years old, we offer a relationship-based Play Therapy approach infused with Narrative Therapy to enhance and maximize emotional, behavioral, and social health. Parent participation is strongly encouraged. Interactive parent-child therapy sessions are available, and we encourage you to explore this further during your initial consult.

Teens & Adolescents

For adolescents, we offer a mix of talk-therapy, and art/traditional game-based therapy infused with Narrative Therapy to help adolescents find their voice, develop a clear vision for their goals, and dissolve ongoing worries and stress to promote health and wellbeing. Parent and Family participation is not mandatory, but strongly encouraged.

Areas of Focus

I'm Ready.
How do we get started?

Step 1

Schedule Your First Consult

Let’s meet! It’s an opportunity for us to chat and determine a goodness of fit. This appointment is for each of us to learn about one another, and determine if we are able to assist with your circumstances.

Step 2

Let’s Create a Plan

In step two, we discuss the areas in need of attention and development. In this step, we work together to complete a full intake, and we begin to prioritize your goals and available options.