Psychotherapy for Kids 0-12


Therapy for Young Children

For young children (ages 0-12), we offer a relationship-based, Play therapy approach, infused with Narrative Therapy to enhance, and maximize emotional, behavioral, and social health. Parent participation is key. Interactive parent-child therapy sessions are available to promote relational bonds, and decrease relationship stress. School-based services, teacher consultation, and collaborative services for the academic year are available to your child’s school.

At the heart of psychotherapy, and counseling for young children, is a therapeutic relationship with full dedicated to the promotion and development of the social and emotional life, and wellbeing of the child. As a result of the age of young children, child therapy is less focused on historical and past experiences, than it is on the development and highlight of potentials, strengths, and capacities to help children develop their best selves.

At our UniHealth San Francisco clinic, here is what you could expect:

  • Full dedication to promoting social emotional health, and wellbeing for adults, families, children, and couples.
  • An attentive and supportive environment for healthy positive change.
  • Professionally trained clinicians.
  • Evening & Weekend appointments are available.
  • Private practice atmosphere in the sunny Mission neighborhood of San Francisco, CA.
  • Free initial consult to figure out if we are the right fit for you.


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