Building Your Self Confidence

Building Your Self Confidence

SELF-CONFIDENCE is when your internal beliefs about yourself match your external actions and behaviors in the decisions you make. Self-Confidence is rooted in TRUST in yourself as a person and the decisions and actions you take. SELF-CONFIDENCE is at times synonymous with SELF-ASSURANCE.

HOW IS SELF-CONFIDENCE BUILT? Think of self-confidence as something that compounds over time; the more experiences you have, with successful outcomes, the greater your self-confidence will grow. Building self-confidence is rooted in EXPERIENCES that result in POSITIVE OUTCOMES.

Confidence comes from hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication. -Robert Staubach

Here are a few videos that could help you learn more about self-confidence.

Here is another excellent video that highlights perspective to further support the build of self-confidence.



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